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Writing poems, stories or more? Are you keeping them buried in that diary of yours? Do you worry about who will publish your work? If you believe even 1% in your work, the rest 99% we've got covered for you! How, you ask? The answer lies in self-publishing with Zorba Books.

Self-publishing is an empowering concept. It puts you, the author in the driving seat and empowers you to convert your manuscript into a published book. Self-publishing is a publishing revolution, in which the driver has changed. Instead of the publisher, it's now the author in the driving seat. Zorba Books is a professional self-publishing company, in existence for the past 6 years. It has been recognized by all India's major media – India Today, Economic Times, TOI, HT and more. When you publish with Zorba books, you will experience a headache free, open and honest publishing of the best standard. A quick, responsive and professional publishing that is economically priced for you. You will also join Zorba's list of some of India’s most respected and well-read authors.

You can publish books in the following category with us:

  • Poetry
  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Management
  • Technical
  • Self-help
  • Educational
  • Reference
  • You name it we've got it all covered!

We also have expertise in publishing Coffee-Table books, novellas, academic books, product and training manuals as well! At Zorba Books we understand authors and that is why we have crafted different plans keeping in mind your budget, wants and needs.

Here is a taste of Zorba Books testimonials from some of our well-read authors.  

The whole experience of publishing with you has been entirely to my satisfaction from start to finish.

-Brijraj Singh – Lincoln College, Oxford, a Rhodes Scholar Yale University, on a Fulbright fellowship

Dr Nirupama Prakash Director, Amity Institute of Social Sciences

For more visit our website www.zorbabooks.com

Zorba provides you publishing services for your next Bestseller! Interested? Write to us at info@zorbabooks.com


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